Have you visited an RSL Club in Queensland thinking the money you spend there will help veterans?

You might be surprised to hear that may not always be the case.

Research recently found that almost 54 % of Queenslander’s and members of these Clubs believe they are supporting RSL Queensland’s charitable activities and their local sub branch by patronising an RSL Club.

Of the roughly 230 RSL Sub Branches throughout Queensland, only about 40 have a relationship with the RSL club, and Bribie Island RSL Sub Branch, is not one of these.

RSL Queensland does not operate any gaming or alcohol facilities. RSL Sub Branches are run by volunteers and mainly ex-serving veterans, who give their time to provide crucial support to veterans in their local community.

Very little funding for these activities comes from RSL Clubs, and most RSL Sub Branches like ours are reliant on donations from the public to provide their grassroot services.

Although we share the same origins, RSL Clubs are commercial entities. Sub branches relationships with their local Clubs vary greatly, making for quite a complex overall picture.

In most cases, the Club leases property from the Sub Branch to operate a gaming and entertainment venue, and the Sub Branch like ours try to co-exist in the building, to carry out its welfare, administrative and commemorative activities.

Most times there is not a collaborative relationship, and the Club does not direct any of its charitable spending to Sub Branch or its veterans. This is the case with Bribie Island RSL Citizens Club who do not contribute any funds to the sub branch or the veterans.

The public must be aware that they need to donate directly to their local sub branches if they want to support veterans.